Safeguard Water Curtain

Stop fighting fire with fire!

The Safeguard Mass Water System is a revolutionary new way to fight wildfires. Up until now, the only way to combat category 4-6 fires was with back burning.  Aside from being a risky procedure, when the two fires converge there is generally a massive ember "storm" which creates spot fires due to debris from the forest floor being thrown up to 6 km ahead of the fire. 

Each unit can cover 3.6 km, and discharge 6.9 million gallons of water per day. There are 10 of  these units available. If fully deployed could create up to 36 km of continuous coverage.

Each system includes 

  • 12" 600 hp pump, 
  • 10 x 300-500 gpm sprinkler heads (with up to 160' reach),
  • Manifolds to run up to 196 forestry hoses using nelson nozzles. 

The system was recently field tested and proven. Aside from pushing out lots of water to wet down fuel sources, the humidity was measurably higher, and the temperature was measurably lower.  This will help minimize the ember spread.

The cost of each pumping unit is $20 000/ 24 hour period plus trucking. 

Watch it in action: