Wildland Urban Interface Response

Wildfires are becoming a universal threat across western Canada. Arctic Fire Safety Services can provided much needed surge capacity to help local fire fighters bring the situation under control. When the fire is extinguished, we can relieve the local fire fighters to be ready for the next big call and do the dirty, tedious work of clearing out the hot spots. 

Private Industry/ Insurance Response

When a wildfire approaches, there will simply never be enough fire fighters and fire trucks to protect everyone. Why not control your potential losses by having your own fire brigade at your location to protect your interests?

Wildfire Legislation Compliance

Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan all have wildfire prevention legislation. They all require industrial/ commercial activities in forested areas to have wildfire suppression capacity on site.  If you or your workers cause a wildfire you can face fines from $50 000 to $1 Million, Fire fighting costs, and stumpage fees.  As well, there can be civil liabilities from the damages caused by your fire. 

Fires of Note

Arctic Fire Safety was proud to be part of the Provincial Task Force for the Kenow Fire (Waterton) and Horse River Fire (Fort McMurray). We are listed with Alberta Wildfire,  Alberta Office of the Fire Commissioner, and Parks Canada as part of their wildfire response plans. 

Price List

GST is not included in prices. If you are GST exempt, please have that number readily available.

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